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Two Quilts

This is a “catch-up” post, one I meant to write months ago, but didn’t. It’s been a busy summer!

I made this throw-sized quilt for my husband’s cousin Jason, who married his long-time partner Jasmine in a beautiful, fun, and romantic wedding this spring:

It’s a simple charm square quilt of my own design, made from scraps and leftovers and a few fat quarters that I bought to get the different tones to balance the way I wanted them to. I decided on brown for a few reasons: Jason & Jasmine’s house is decorated mainly in light neutrals and dark woods so I thought it would match nicely; when I make a quilt as a wedding gift, I try to choose colours and styles that aren’t too “feminine”; and I had a lot of brown in the scrap bag! As it turns out (and I had no idea before-hand) brown is Jason’s favourite colour, and he got married in a gorgeous brown suit rather than the usual black! So the quilt was a big hit.

This quilt I bought at an auction at a neighbour’s house. It has a small amount of damage where some of the vintage fabrics have disintegrated, but it was going cheap, and I really liked the style and colours so I couldn’t resist. I paid $17.50 for it. Auctions are great for bargains sometimes! I don’t know who made it, but it was almost certainly made in this community, probably sometime in the 1940s.

I’ve decided to use it, rather than keep it carefully folded away somewhere, so I washed it on my machine’s “hand wash” cycle with gentle soap, and spread it out on the tall grass (on top of an old sheet to protect it from grass stains) to dry.

It has spent the summer looking absolutely lovely on our guest-room bed, but in a few days I’ll be putting it away for the winter. It also makes a great backdrop for cute kitten photos:

There’s another quilt in progress, which I hope to finish by the end of September. It’s going to be really, really lovely when it’s done, and I can’t wait to get it finished so that I can gift it to the sweet little baby girl who is waiting for it!

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I won two Second Place ribbons at the Stormont County Fair!

One for my zucchini loaf with raisins:

I am particularly pleased with this one because it’s my own recipe, not one from a book or website.

And one for my peanut butter cookies:

One of the judges congratulated me particularly on this placing because, apparently, it is a very competitive category!

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Just a few days past the two-year anniversary of our moving Out Here, I’m about to participate in one of the time-honoured traditions of country life, competing in the County Fair.

None of our vegetables measure up to competition standard, I’m afraid (maybe next year), but I decided to have a go at the “Culinary Arts” section. I stuck to things I had already made (in the case of the bottled goods) or things I normally make regularly (in the case of the baking). This still meant I spent all day yesterday baking, in 30°C heat, to get everything made. My entries are as follows:

1 – ½ loaf of white bread

2 – ½ loaf of 60% whole wheat bread

3 – ½ loaf of zucchini bread, with raisins

4 – peanut butter cookies, pressed with a fork, 3 on a plate

5 – oatmeal cookies, dropped, with raisins, 3 on a plate

6 – 1 jar of applesauce

7 – 1 jar of apple jelly

8 – 1 jar of any jam or jelly not listed (I am submitting plum jam)

I’m off to deliver these to the fairgrounds. I probably won’t know until Saturday how I did (though I’m really not expecting to win anything, this first time). Wish me luck!

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