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Flowers on my altar

I don’t generally post (or even take, for that matter) pictures of my altar. It’s a personal thing, not generally for sharing, and it’s a working altar, not a honouring / worshiping / show altar that would make it more photogenic.

Nonetheless, there is something that I’m excited about and want to share: There are fresh wildflowers in a cup of water on my altar:


Why is this so exciting? Because I’ve been looking forward to it since we decided to move out here, almost 2 years ago. I love flowers. I adore having fresh flowers in the house. When I lived in the UK I would buy myself a little bouquet from the flower stall in the high street to cheer myself up when I felt down.

Then I moved back to Canada, and flowers from shops were much more expensive, and I realised that their carbon cost was huge. So I was limited to what I could grow in my own garden – which wasn’t much, since the garden was mostly given over to growing vegetables. Daffodils and tulips in the spring, some lilacs from the neighbor’s tree that leaned over our fence, the flowering tops of chives.

When we decided to move out here, I had a vision of wandering out into the fields and picking wildflowers whenever I liked. Now I can. And I do. And it’s wonderful.

The yellow flowers in the picture are a mixture of swamp buttercups, yellow goatsbeard, and some variety of wild mustard. They are starting to fade, so tomorrow I will replace them with the white daisies that are  blooming this week. Next will come the Indian paintbrushes in beautiful shades of deep orange Рa very few are open in some parts of the field, with many more to come.

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