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We spent all day today dealing with various vehicle-related issues and government bureaucracies, and have many new bits of paper and metal to show for it:

  • t! has his Ontario driver’s license.
  • The car has a safety certificate, an emissions test certificate, its Ontario registration and license plates, and new snow tires.
  • I have an Ontario class G1 driving license, aka a learner’s permit. The very exciting part is that they waived the normal mandatory 12 month (8 months if you take lessons) “practice” period since my old Ontario driving license expired less than 10 years ago. So I can book a driving test as soon as I’ve had a little bit of practice driving, and feel confident enough to take one. Which means that within a couple of months I’ll be driving again!
  • Oh, and there were two deer standing in our back yard last night when t! pulled into the driveway at 8:30pm. They stayed while he came in to get me, and then we both watched them scamper off to the east fence line.

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