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Baptism by fire

I mentioned a few posts back that I recently got my Ontario Driving Learner’s Permit (also known as a class G1 license), which means I’m allowed to drive with a qualified driver in the passenger seat, so long as it’s not on a highway/freeway/motorway¬†or between the hours of 12 midnight and 5am.

So I’ve been driving as much as those restrictions permit, which means if we stop at the gas station (which is on the secondary road, right after we get off the highway) I get to drive the rest of the way home. So far I’ve done this (or something similar) about three times. Though I got my driving licvense when I was 17 and then drove regularly and confidently for 10 years, I haven’t really driven since I moved to the UK in 1997. So far, on the country roads, I’ve had no problems at all, and we need to make a trip into Cornwall soon so that I can practice in the city.

Tonight, even though it was snowing a blizzard, t! asked if I wanted to drive home from the gas station. I said “Sure!” because I absolutely need to be comfortable driving in bad snow. So off we went, and I was absolutly fine, until a huge deer decided to run across the road in front of the car. Luckily, because of the bad weather conditions, I was only doing approximately 60km/h, and also luckily, our car came with anti-lock brakes as standard equipment, so when I braked firmly and suddenly we didn’t skid on the snow-covered road. We’re fine, the car is fine, and the deer made it to the other side safely (after skidding on the snowy pavement himself in his attempt to run away).

Now I’m wishing the driving test administrator had been in the back seat of the car at the time, because after that I think I deserve to pass my test!¬†And I guess now I can truly say I live in the country, because I’ve nearly hit a deer on the road.

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