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I have been trying to do a little bit of work every day on my sewing/quilting projects.

I finally finished all 9 blocks of my “starter” project and assembled them. Now the quilt top is waiting for the next stages, which I need to learn to do. So to teach myself how to attach the borders, assemble the layers of the quilt (top, batting, and backing), quilt it, and bind it, I’m working instead on my “window quilts” or insulated curtains. I figure it makes more sense to learn these somewhat tricky steps on a plain piece of curtain fabric rather than on a pretty quilt top that I’ve worked hard on.

So this week I cut the fabric for the curtains and then cut border strips as if it was a “real” quilt, and today taught myself how to do borders with Mitered Corners:



The curtain measures 60 inches wide by 36 inches “tall” and is the first of a pair I’m making for the two windows in the den. The curtain fabric is some I bought in Reading many years ago, and the borders are fabric that silly_imp gave me from her fabric stash a while back.

So far so good, though it’s slow going since I only tend to spend an hour or so on it, 3 or 4 times a week. At this rate I figure I may have the two window quilts for the den finished by Christmas… and then I’ve got a whole list of other projects waiting their turn:

  • Quilted curtains for the guest bedroom – squares are cut for this one
  • A pieced (but not quilted) duvet cover for the guest bedroom, made mostly out of old sheets
  • And, of course, finishing the first project, which will probably end up as a simple (but pretty!) wall hanging
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