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Here’s the latest shot of the seed rack, considerably more full than last time!


Bottom shelf, left side:

  • the grape vines I bought at Eco Farm Day, two of which are sprouting very nicely, and I have hopes for the third
  • a small pot of sage from seeds that I saved from the sage plant in the backyard at Hamilton, just starting to come up
  • a pot of hot peppers, no signs of life there yet
  • Bottom shelf, right side:

  • Brussels sprouts, just starting to come up
  • Carlton tomatoes (an early salad/slicing tomato), sprouting nicely
  • sweet bell peppers, not up yet – I’m starting to worry a little about the peppers, but if the tomatoes are warm enough the sprout, the peppers should be too, I hope
  • Isis candy tomatoes (cherry type, for fun and snacking as I garden), sprouting nicely
  • Middle shelf, left side:

  • parsley, coming along well
  • Middle shelf, right side:

  • leeks, coming along well
  • Top shelf, left side:

  • Amish paste tomatoes, sprouting nicely – lots and lots of them, for next winter’s canning
  • amish_paste

    Top shelf, right side:

  • Brandywine tomatoes, sprouting nicely – from seed that I saved last year, because you can’t have a homestead garden without Brandywines!

    I’ll be starting the seeds in the melon and squash families (including cucumbers, zucchini, and ) next week sometime.

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