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Quilting progress

I’m finally making some time to work on my sewing/quilting projects. My first project, which is going to be a quited wall hanging in “Wandering Star” blocks now has 4 completed blocks, and the squares pieced for 3 more:

I think it looks quite pretty, even though my corners don’t meet up very well. I’m learning a lot about what I need to do to improve my accuracy, though, which is the whole point of this project. I think once it’s done I’m going make a dowel-rod style hanger for it. and hang it on the hooks of the shelf that Carolyn gave us for our housewarming, in the guest bedroom. I think it will look nice with the blue carpet and green walls not to mention the purples in the Monet print in that room.

Project #2 is going to be quilted curtains (or “window quilts”), also for the guest room. I’ve started cutting the squares for a simple “Nine Patch” set of blocks, using fabric that I bought ages ago in the UK for various projects in my house in Reading. I laid out some of the squares to make sure that the pattern in my head would actually work, and I think it does:

In it’s previous life, the blue checked fabric was my bathroom curtains, the green checks was the curtain on the pantry that I built in one corner of the kitchen, the blue with the green and blue pattern was a dining room table runner, and the plan blue was a large piece of fabric I used as a futon cover for my living room sofa. I plan to use old bedsheets for the backing, and possibly also for the batting. My plan for the batting is a sandwich of old flannel sheets and mylar reflective film (aka. an “emergency blanket”) to keep the cold out and the heat in overnight.

When I’m in town next Tuesday, I need to remember to bring a couple of squares with me so that I can buy the right colour thread.

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